Scooters Crèche, Montessori & After-School Club promotes a happy, secure, inclusive, accessible and safe environment for all children.

Statement on General Policy

Scooters Crèche, Montessori and After-School Club aims to ensure that a happy, safe and secure environment is also provided for all our staff and visitors to the premises.

The owners and manager regard the successful management of health and safety as being of the utmost importance. The co-operation of all staff and outside contractors is vital for the promotion of health and safety within these premises.

Scooters Crèche has worked with the Sligo Childcare Committee and the Health Service Executive to ensure that both the premises and equipment comply with the relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice for full-time child care providers.


Our team supports Identity & Belonging, building self-esteem and pride in every child.

We support differences and cultural backgrounds.

We are supportive of each child, individually.

We support their developing needs.

We support each child’s equal opportunities.

We provide this by The Anti-Bias Goals, which include –
Promoting Identity and Belonging.

Being Comfortable with Differences. Critical Thinking and Taking Action.

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